DARKSHE doesnˈt mean Dark Vibe, but female empowerment, confidence, and freedom. Our female startup team used studs to symbolize female power, straight lines for female resilience, and colorful patterns for female energy. Itˈs DARKSHE, a brand dedicated to the female moto jacket.

The brand story of DARKSHE

Our business has always been focused on supporting the empowerment of women.

Back in the day, when leather was seen as a mostly male fashion choice, our founder, inspired by the 1970s-80s era of change for women’s rights, decided to create a brand that supports all women to dress in what is originally predominantly male fashion choice, leather clothing. Endowing the leather with more identity and making the market more gender diverse. After she told friends about this entrepreneurial idea, they all agreed to join in. Thus, a small group covering design, production, and selling was born. They named this new brand DARKSHE, meaning women can wear dark leather just as well as men.

After continuous exploration of the market, our products continuously innovate in shape, style, pattern, and texture to fit women of different skin types, bodies, and ages, which all comes back to our founding principle - to support female empowerment and offer women who like leather a more satisfactory range of leather clothing.

In the future, we intend to create more products with various series, to make female power bloom in the garment market.